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Welcome to San Clemente, CA!

Better known for its amazing moderate weather, quaint downtown beach town, small town feel with lots of charm and personality! If you are new to the San Clemente Real Estate marketplace then you will get thrilled about learning all the different areas off San Clemente.

Real Estate isn’t affordable, moreover if you want to live by the beach! There are many different areas of San Clemente to select from so use this as your helpful guide to assist you find the perfect San Clemente home!

When you first come to San Clemente, a majority of individuals are attracted to the downtown area of San Clemente. It is in the downtown area that you will discover unique shops and restaurants that line the “Avenida Del Mar” street that goes all the way down to the San Clemente Pier.

San Clemente Homes in the downtown area and the by the beach typically seem to be on a smaller scale than homes in other areas of San Clemente. Nonetheless, there is always the convenience of having the ability to walk to the beach. Here is a brief overview of the different areas of San Clemente, CA.

San Clemente Central

Observing San Clemente, CA from a map, the city is divided up into a variety of sections which define the different areas of San Clemente. The area closest to the pier and the downtown area is called San Clemente Central, or often referred to as the downtown area.

Here you will discover a variety of smaller single level homes and condo buildings mixed in with many multi-unit dwellings. Condos closer to the beach in the downtown area can have jaw dropping views of the ocean and the San Clemente Pier.

Streets such as “Avenida Granada” are home to 4 large condo complex’s that overlook the pier and ocean. Just on the south side of the pier you will find another great condo building called “Driftwood Bluffs” and “Vista Pacifica Villas.” Condo’s rarely come on the market in this building but when they do they tend to go quick.

Driftwood Bluffs and Vista Pacifica Villas condos have great views of the famous “T-street” surf break and the coastline going down the Coast to the Nixon Estate in Cottons Point.

In addition, you will also discover a lot of older historical homes just north of the pier in the downtown area. These homes are known as “Ole Hanson” as he was the founder of San Clemente and built a handful of the original Spanish homes that were developed in the last 1920’s and early 1930’s.

Southwest San Clemente

The next area to the south of the downtown area will be the Southwest San Clemente area. Southwest homes are divided by the natural ravine that follows the Trafalgar street from El Camino Real down to the ocean. Homes to the south of the ravine and west of the 5 freeway are identified as the Southwest San Clemente area.

Homes in this neighborhood hold a lot of charisma and many homes were developed as 2nd residence beach homes in the 1950’s. You will also find older historical homes in Southwest San Clemente but a lot of those homes were destroyed in the 1970’s.

As the city of San Clemente has gotten bigger, a lot of homeowners in the Southwest area have taken their small beach homes and turned them into larger custom homes.

It’s not rare to see only a variety of the original beach homes on specific streets. Real Estate in the southwest area of San Clemente will generally go for bit higher than the downtown area due to it’s close proximity to the beach and it’s larger custom homes in the area.

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Gated communities in the southwest San Clemente is made up off Cyprus Shore, Cyprus Cove, Cotton’s Point & The Breakers. All four of these communities have access to a private beach which happens to reside outside the original Nixon estate in Cottons Point. There is also a handful of famous beaches the front the Southwest San Clemente area including T-Street, Riviera Beach, Lost Winds and Trestles surf beach!

North San Clemente

The North area of San Clemente comprises of neighborhoods on both the east and west side the 5 freeway. Homes on the west side (ocean side) of the freeway and located just north of the central downtown area. Here you will find smaller beach homes from the 1950’s along with many duplex’s, triplex’s & four-plex’s.

The area has it’s own quaint beach feel to it with properties that sit on the ocean bluff offering great views of the ocean and Dana Point harbor. There are a variety of restaurants on the north side of town and the original Ole Hanson beach club and Casino San Clemente still exist. At one time there was even a large theater called the “Miramar Theater” which is now privately owned and not open to the public.

Southeast San Clemente

Homes on the east side of the 5 freeway and just south of town San Clemente, CA are known to the be in the Southeast area of San Clemente. Homes in the area will vary in range from small ocean view condos to large and expansive luxury homes. The southeast area of San Clemente has a lot of tremendous neighborhoods with each of them having their own distinct style and personality.

Homes on the very southeast part of San Clemente, CA will be within walking distance to the Cyprus Shore beach area also known as “Trestles beach.” Some of the most sought after neighborhoods in the southeast area will the Cantamar, Sea Ridge Estates, Mariners Point, Ocean Fairways and Palacio Del Mar. The Presidential Heights I & II area will have great ocean & golf course condos for sale as well.

Rancho San Clemente

The Rancho San Clemente area is a newer area to San Clemente. Many of these homes and condos were built in the early to mid 1980’s and offer great views of the ocean and enjoy cool breezes that come up the valley in San Clemente. Rancho San Clemente is perfectly located just east of the San Clemente high school and an easy 5 minute car ride down to the beach!

Here you will find smaller ocean view condos as well as large and expansive Spanish style homes that fit in with the San Clemente theme of “Spanish Village by the Sea.”

Some of the best values for your money will be found here in Rancho San Clemente and it’s a good place to start when looking for a home. Condos are now selling below $200,000 in this area with homes in the $400,000 range.

Forster Ranch

The Forster Ranch area was developed in the mid 1970’s as the city of San Clemente started to expand and grow. Forster Ranch is made up of a lot of single family homes and large two story custom tract homes that offer a safe and family friendly neighborhoods.

The Forster Ranch area covers a large portion of San Clemente and is located just east (inland) of the 5 freeway. The 5 freeway is the line between homes on the ocean side (west side of the freeway) and the east side (non-ocean side of the freeway).

One of the most recent developments in the Forster Ranch area is known as “the Reserves.” The Reserves in San Clemente is a planned development of four gated communities side by side. These big two story homes offer great ocean & valley views.


The Marblehead area is a planned and gated community on the east side of the freeway offering well kept single family homes in a beach close location. Marblehead is a amazing family neighborhood where kids play in the street and community pools and tennis courts are regularly used by the members of this community.

Marblehead is an outstanding area if you are seeking a home in a gated community without the high prices usually associated with these types of neighborhoods in San Clemente, CA.


One of the newest communities in San Clemente is known as Talgea. Talega is a master planned community that in a way has the feel of town within the town of San Clemente.

Here you will discover many luxury communities with expansive custom Spanish & Mediterranean homes mixed in with quaint town homes. Golfing and the various community pools, top rated schools and shopping center are some of the great advantages in living in Talega. Homes in Talega will vary in price from a $300,000 condo to many multimillion dollar mansions.

It’s location is just 5-10 minutes to the beach and the advantage of living in a newer construction home in a master planned community make Talega a very sought after decision for San Clemente home buyers!

Furthermore, you will find many luxury communities with expansive custom Spanish & Mediterranean homes mixed in with quaint town homes. Golfing and the various community pools, top rated schools and shopping center are some of the incredible advantages in living in Talega and Talega Real Estate.

Homes in Talega will range in price from a $300,000 condo to an assortment of multimillion dollar mansions. The location of Talega is just 5-10 minutes to the beach and the pro of living in a newer construction home in a master planned community make Talega a very on demand choice for buyers seeking a home in San Clemente!