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Business | Homes For Sale San Clemente | Houses For Sale San Clemente | Real Estate Tips, | San Clemente Homes For Sale | San Clemente Houses For Sale | San Clemente Listing Agent | San Clemente Real EstateSan Clemente Realtors say, there’s no doubt that spring and summer is when we get the most light and foot traffic.

That generally means a larger chance for more enthusiastic home buyers.

Con: Buyers Are Pickier

San Clemente Realtors say, with more San Clemente houses on the market to chose from, buyers can afford a larger wish list.

If your property needs repairs, buyers may simply just pass, or will sometimes get lowball offers from flippers and real estate developers waiving their all cash fast close offers in our faces.

On top of that, most home buyers aren’t buying beneath pressure (as they are during the off-season), and you also have an array of specific shoppers that may be ready to pull the trigger may not.

Pro: Sellers Are Picky At Times

San Clemente Realtors say, with more buyers out there, sellers can be picky with who they ultimately opt to sell with.

The Off-Season Time: Fall and Winter

Con: Perception

If you choose to list your San Clemente Home For Sale from the off-season, it might be looked at as a”fire sale”, meaning you have to get outside instantly.

Individuals may assume it’s probably because of an extraneous factor–such as a death in the family, or a layoff.
Guru: The Motivated Buyer
While you may encounter a handful of lowball offers from some home shoppers, then that doesn’t mean the motivated buyer will not come around.

Our San Clemente Listing Agents will often tell you that if buyers are prepared to invest the opportunity to schlep to houses.

As well as the write purchase contracts during the holidays, chances are they’re most likely severe home buyers.

It seems like common theory is always perfect.

According to our expertise as San Clemente Real Estate professionals, sellers who have a choice in the matter.

Might be better served to wait till the prime season starts so they can reap the benefits.