Great Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Together with the typical bathroom remodel tapping in at nearly $18,000, we wouldn’t blame you for projecting from the (bath) towel on retiling your own loo in onyx and marble or installing a gold-plated claw-foot bath tub.

Fortunately for all of us, it’s easier than ever to fake the fancy for a fraction of the cost of a complete renovation.

Tile Diagonally

Our San Clemente Realtors suggest diagonal tiling against tiling along the square in a vertical or horizontal line. This kinda of way of doing it will not only make your bathroom seem expensive, but it will also open up the space as well.

This will provide a custom, bespoke feel to your bathroom. Fully cover a wall in tileall the way to the ceiling–“to add lot of sparkle and dimension to an otherwise lifeless surface.”

Material selection are extremely critical, but the way you use specific materials is paramount. Adding tile to a small area doesn’t use the material to its best advantage.

Tiling can be expensive if you use a specialist up to $2,000 based on the size of your space–but this is a job which you could tackle in your own if you’re an adventurous DIYer.

Add Large-Scale Lighting

Our San Clemente Realtors recommend you utilize large-scale light fixtures–specifically flush-mount chandeliers. These can make a large impact overhead, but won’t take up any of the room’s physical space.

Utilization Plants

Fresh-looking plants in galvanized planters for example help draw the eye up, making a small space appear larger.

The bathroom might seem like the final place you’d want to store a living thing. But some plants actually thrive in the bathroom. Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents imply that you use aloe vera, Boston ferns, and even orchids.

Indulge In Classy Containers

Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents are not just talking about purchasing one of those bathroom accessory sets with the matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder (although you need to do that, also ).

We’re talking about rehoming all your drugstore toiletries throughout your bathrooms. Believe: beautiful glass bottles or dispensers for your shampoo, body wash, and cream.

Punch Your Towels

Seek out towels with detail such as embroidered borders, ribbon trim, and monogramming. Harmon also enjoys Turkish towels, which dry easily and have a luxe, light feel.

Incorporate Gold And Metallic Accents

Brass, that decor staple from the 1970s and’80s, is back in a big way. Add touches of it (or any other gold-toned metal) to infuse your bathroom with a bit of warmth and elegance,

But it’s essential to use the right shade–“otherwise a space can seem garish instead of great.

The gold of yesteryear, which had a more greenish base, looks dated now. But fixtures in golds in glossy shapes seem warmer, new, and fresh.

Thinking about how to get the appearance without ripping out everything and starting over? Try metallic accent pieces such as wastebaskets, soap dishes, and other vanity products.

They’ll offer the same effect without overwhelming your space (and are less expensive than new fixtures).

Add An Off Mirror

To really upgrade your bathroom appearance, our San Clemente Real Estate Agents advise that you choose a (preferably larger ) mirror having an interesting or unique shape or finish such as golden, Moroccan, or tortoiseshell.

Scale can be leveraged to make a style statement, so adding an oversize mirror–especially extending all the way into the ceilingwill add visual space and drama. Have the mirror cut to house a pair of surface-mount sconces.

Hang Oversized Art

A oversized piece of artwork is another luxe wall decor option. Have a very small bathroom? Even better. Large art will do wonders for that space, also.

It’ll act to visually anchor a smaller space. The unexpectedness of visiting a 5-foot framed bit in a smallish room helps reinforce this idea of ‘borrowing’ inspiration from upmarket spaces. Just be certain the item is appropriately framed to guard against moisture and steam damage.

Swap out of your shower curtains

If you use shower curtains rather then sliding doors for the tub, use real bedroom curtains rather than those meant for the bathroom.

There’s a larger choice, and you can find silklike or silk curtains to instantly up the luxe factor. Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents urge you make certain that you add an inexpensive fabric shower liner underneath.

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