Exceptional Low-Budget Container Gardens Tips

Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents who work closely with Baby Boomers recommend you repurpose old, damaged or about-to-be discarded items into smart-chic containers.

If the items do not have drainage holes, you can add some. Moreover, you can also keep the plants in their pots so you can simply slip them out of the container to dump excess water.

A Hanging Garden

Eccentric and colorful purses, small tote bags and other handled handbags make exciting and fashionable plant holders. In addition, lining them with plastic will keep the potting soil from staining the fabrics.

Our San Clemente Realtors who work with baby boomers, recommend you hang the handles from hooks on a wall and then slip them over fence posts or dangle them from tree branches.

At the Beach

Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents who service Baby Boomers, say you can bring a bit of the seaside to your garden with a collection of beach-themed planters, such as inexpensive sand buckets or other plastic beach toys.

Plastic and insulated metal coolers make exceptional containers as well. Our San Clemente Realtors say you can even fill large shells with sandy growing mix and tuck small succulents into them.

Basket Cases

Decorative or storage baskets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to go with any of your favorite container flowers.

To help wicker and woven-wood baskets last a little longer, treat them to a coat of varnish or polyurethane and line them with plastic prior to adding the plants.

Beyond the Pails

Plastic, metal or wooden buckets are ideal for showcasing all kinds of flowering and foliage favorites.

Smaller pails are ideal for solo plants; bigger buckets are incredible for large single plants or colorful combinations.

Case by Case

Furthermore, our San Clemente Real Estate Advisors say you can give an old suitcase new life as an out-of-the-ordinary container.

Old (or new) chests, makeup cases or wicker cases are other amazing options as well. Add the plants, prop the lid partway open and let the stems spill out over the edge.

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