A Few Great Purchasing Tips From Our San Clemente Realtors

A handful of individuals have been asking our San Clemente Realtors:”is it a great time to buy?” Even,”We keep getting outbid.”

Our experienced San Clemente Realtors will then inform them our mentors advice:

“Do not wait to purchase real estate. Purchase real estate and wait”
That form of advice usually tends to show people into the”dear in the headlights” look.

A Big Deal

San Clemente Realtors say, if it is a sellers market why have we successfully gotten 95 percent of our buyers to properties within 90 days of fulfilling them?

Do we have a magic touch that gets our real estate customers exactly what they really want in a home? Maybe we posses super human strength?

Not really.

Do we assist them in managing expectations, find the ideal property for sale available on the market or off market, and negotiate a favorable price and terms? Yes. That’s what we do every day.

Losing The House

If you are a prospective buyer that has had less than favorable fortune nabbing that home this past year. You should think about shifting Realtors. In this San Clemente Real Estate market, you’ll have to learn how to recognize property value first.

Your San Clemente Realtors will let you get creative with your buying strategy, and the way you are going to be negotiating a deal. If purchasing real estate in San Clemente, especially in this market, there’s a whole lot more than stepping in an open house and writing an offer based on emotion.

You want to have the ability to identify an exceptional deal if you’re standing in one — it all comes down to a savvy San Clemente Real Estate Agent doing their homework properly. For example, we can tell you what the price for square foot is throughout different streets in San Clemente.

If your San Clemente Real Estate Agent can’t accomplish that for you personally, take that into consideration. You’ll want to execute a sales comparison or a CM .Do not simply look at the past a few months of current sales either.

Understanding Your Numbers

You will want to have your San Clemente Real Estate Agent pull properties currently under contract and find out what that number is that it is in escrow, and also sniff around the off market sales.

In addition, make sure that you have your real estate agent contact their Title Rep and pull the past six months of Off Market sales. It is a job around strategy.

This way you need to have a thorough understanding of what’s happening in the local San Clemente Real Estate market both on the MLS and the quiet off market sales.

You Are The One That I Want

You walked right in an open house or an agent has put you up on a revealing, and you just are finished enthusiastic with the property.

We suggest that you do your best not to jump and down, and more importantly make your agent do the talking for you personally. You will have to play it all cool. Do not allow the San Clemente Listing Agent see all your cards. Look around the place and have a look at the fixtures and appliances.

Within a few minutes of dialogue you need to have a far greater understanding of what you are going to have to get done if you actually want to become the new owner of the property.

Package Ready

The top properties in todays market are getting a handful of offers at a moment. Regardless, that does’t mean that you can’t get a terrific deal on the real estate property that you want to buy.

A strategic San Clemente Real Estate Agent will allow for an assortment of open houses and then decide on a deadline for offers when placing a new property available on the market.

That way they’ll have the understanding of time on their side to appear as if they’re in control even if they don’t really have any offers in hand. Nonetheless, if an extraordinary offer comes in before the offer deadline, who is to say a seller cannot accept the offer.

Our San Clemente Realtors imply that you write a strong resume cover letter highlighting your buyers that are simply God’s gift to the earth. In addition, make certain you ramble on a bit about why they love the property and touch base in their careers and local participation. Sending images are optional and may be a bonus.

Furthermore, sellers have a tendency to generally want to advertise their properties to individuals that they prefer or feel they have something in common with. In addition, you may want to butter up the listing agent a little from the correspondence. It could not hurt.


Obviously, the more flexible you are using the terms the more likely it is that you will secure the property and start escrow. When you are in escrow, make sure that your San Clemente Real Estate Agent clearly understands the time traces and contingency periods.

The last thing you’ll want to do is piss off the sellers before you have an opportunity send them a Ask For Repair form. An exceptional San Clemente Real Estate Agent may ask for some type of credit if the property is in demand of termite work.

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