4 Amazing Things To Consider Before Making Your Home SMART

A majority of San Clemente Realtors will tell you that a home full of automations and smart devices in every room sounds about as far into the future a it gets.

A voice-controlled oven, a TV that doubles as art or an indoor garden that practically manages itself — it all sounds incredible.

Nonetheless, our San Clemente Real Estate Agents say there are some things you should think about, prior to diving into a smart home of your own.

Here are four of the most essential ones.

You’ll Need To Choose The ‘Brain’ First

Without a doubt, the biggest concern is fragmentation. It’s certainly gotten better over the last few years, especially with the growing popularity of smart speakers such as Google Home and Alexa, and services such as IFTTT that assist in fixing the language barrier between a variety of different devices and services.

But if you’re not careful when choosing the smart products to install in your home, you’ll discover yourself with a home full of devices only using half of their true potential.

The best way to go about it is to choose a “brain” for your smart home — be it Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s HomeKit or Samsung’s SmartThings — and only buy smart bulbs, locks, cameras and other accessories or appliances that are compatible with it.

Can Your Devices ‘Talk’ To Each Other?

Simplicity is another point to think about. You’re not building a smart home to make your life more difficult, and turning on any given light or appliance shouldn’t be more complex than its counterpart.

Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents say a smart home product needs exceptional support from third-party services, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s HomeKit. The more products that the devices you purchase and can pair or communicate with, the more you can do with your smart home.

Cross-compatibility will let you develop routines, automations or simple commands that make controlling your home simpler and quicker.

Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents say that another thing to keep in mind: more is not always better. There is such a thing as too many smart speakers in a single house.

The Actual Cost

Smart home gadgets are usually more expensive than their dumb counterparts.

A light switch that can be controlled with your voice and can be scheduled or controlled from anywhere in the world should cost more than a traditional light switch. But outfitting a complete house with those smart switches will cost a but more.

Our San Clemente Real Estate Agents say that when it comes to refrigerators, coffee makers, toaster ovens or just about any other smart product, that cost difference is only compounded.

The cost savings will usually depend on what technology you’re upgrading from.

And even the products that do use less energy than their lower end alternatives will likely take a handful of years to make up for the difference in the upfront cost.

Wi-Fi and Product Security 

Finally, you should be thinking about security. While you can DIY a smart security system easily for less money than a standard security system would have cost you just a few years ago, such as anything with a wireless connection, it’s also susceptible to exploits and other security mishaps.

Your patchwork smart home security system is only as strong as your Wi-Fi password.

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